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Saskatchewan Waterfowl Hunting, Hunting Geese in Canada

Galloway Bay is a region located at the west end of Lake Diefenbaker and west of the town of Kyle, Saskatchewan. Miry Bay is also located on the west end of Lake Diefenbaker. These Bays are the most significant staging areas for Greater White-Fronted Geese in the Canadian Prairies.  Approximately 40% of the average estimated fall flight of the mid-continent Greater White-Fronted Goose population is recorded in the Galloway Bay/Miry Bay regions, which equates to approximately 250,000 birds annually. Snow Geese and Ross’ Geese tend to accumulate slightly later, showing up in early October. Large numbers of Canada geese are also present throughout the fall season. Notable on a global scale, significant numbers of Sandhill Cranes are also recorded at Galloway and Miry Bay, totalling upwards of approximately 80,000 annually.

Several species of ducks also migrate through the region, consisting largely of mallards, shovelers and pintails. The region is also known to offer a large variety of other duck species such as wigeons, teals, canvasback, redhead, golden eye, buffleheads etc., providing the most experienced wing shooters with a mixed-bag opportunity.

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White Front Goose Hunts

Morning Specklebelly/White Front Goose Hunts

Early morning field hunts with experienced local guides will provide ample opportunity to get your limit on specklebelly, Canada and snow geese as they come out to feed in the fields. Morning hunts will begin before dawn with a hot coffee and a light breakfast to get you ready for your hunt. Upon arrival in the field your guide will coordinate the hunt set up, which includes setting up the decoys, placing hunting blinds and getting you organized for your hunt. It is important for you to pay attention to your guide during the hunt. Your guide will be calling the shots and you don’t want to miss any opportunities!

Afternoon Hunt

Afternoon Hunt

Afternoon hunts will range from a duck hunt on the water or another field shoot to target geese, if you have not reached your limits for the day. In the event that you have gotten a full limit of birds in the morning hunt, you may decide to take an afternoon off or take the opportunity to scout with your guide for the next morning. Upland bird and sandhill crane hunts may be available in the afternoons depending on seasons and availability. If you have a strong interest in hunting cranes or upland birds, please ensure to inform us at the time of booking to enable us to cater to your hunting desires!

Migratory Game Bird Limits:

Waterfowl Hunting Limits Saskatchewan:

  • Dark Geese (Canada, Cackling and White-Fronted geese)
    • Daily limit: 8 (only 5 may be white-fronted)
    • Hunting Dark Geese after noon is not permitted until October 15
  • White Geese (White and Blue Phase Snow Geese and Ross’ Geese)
    • Daily Limit: 20
  • Sandhill Cranes
    • Daily Limit: 5
  • Ducks
    • Daily Limit: 8 (each species; only 4 may be pintails)

Possession Limits: 3-days daily bag limits for all ducks and geese except for white geese, with no possession limit on white geese.

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Why Hunt with Galloway Bay Outfitters?

Why Hunt with Galloway Bay Outfitters?

Galloway Bay Outfitters is committed to making your hunting experience the best that it can be. Our hard working owners and guides are here to make sure you have an unforgettable experience and opportunity to hunt a variety of species! Our team is dedicated to ensure that every detail of your trip is meticulously planned out, sparing you the hours and headache ahead of time! From the very second you book your hunt, we send you a welcome package that contains all pertinent information for you to be as prepared as possible. At Galloway Bay, the customer service is in the details! We take care of purchasing your hunting licenses, sending you the paperwork to ensure that your favourite hunting gun makes it across the border, and cooking you the most divine, gourmet home-cooked meals that will leave you wanting more! Our goal is for you to leave with a belly full of food, a cooler full of birds, and a smile on your face!

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