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What To Bring to Kyle, SK

What To Bring to Kyle, SK

Hunting gear/clothing required for your hunt:

It is a must to pack a high quality warm pair of long underwear to wear under your pants. We recommend 2 layers of clothing for any typical Fall waterfowl hunt. Also, pack a third layer of outer wear to bring with you on the colder mornings. Also recommended:

  • Warm Toque (or Beanie)
  • Ball cap or ear-flap cap
  • Wool/Heavy Socks or heat packs to place in your boots
  • High top comfortable waterproof boots that hold up to freezing temperatures
  • Gloves
  • Face mask or face paint
  • Camera
  • Headlamp
  • Soft gun case or gun sock
  • Small backpack or blind-bag
  • Hearing protection if you choose
  • Goose/Duck calls if you have a favourite (Guides will also have calls they will be using)

Weather in Saskatchewan:

The weather here is incredibly variable in the Fall season, and can have a large impact on your waterfowl hunt. Please ensure to bring plenty of layers of clothing, including waterproof clothing and good footwear. Temperatures in Saskatchewan in the Fall can range from 70°F (20°C) to 20°F (-7°C). There is also occasional rain during the Fall season in Saskatchewan, albeit infrequent. That being said, Galloway Bay Outfitters hunt rain or shine, therefore please come prepared to hunt in the rain, and in below freezing temperatures if you are hunting in the later part of October.